Estate Sale

Lieb Online Estate Sale Newton Kansas May 6th – 14th

Will be selling items for a friend right here on the website. Pickup will be Friday May 14th between 9am and 5pm will also be conducting a one day garage sale with small items from the home.

The items are priced here on this page. When the item sells for the requested price or at a fair offer it will be marked sold. If you would like to see the items before you make an offer which is understandable then you will have to wait for the 14th and see what is left. The items that are upstairs have been kept very nice and clean. The items downstairs have been neglected because the home owner could no longer make it down the stairs. Some are fine and some have a mice smell. Ask if you have any questions. Thank you! Feel free to bid through the comments section on the pictures.

Friday May 14th the buyers will be allowed to pick up their items from the home and attend the smalls garage sale.

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