Estate Sale, Online Auction

SOLD. Roseville Pottery Sale

We have an amazing group of estate sales on the way!! A true collector is selling out and we are going to do it by collection! Pottery, Toys, Comic Books, Guns, Sports Cards, Movie Posters, Art, Jewelry, Records, Hot Wheels, Buddy L, Tonka, Hesston Buckles, Harvey County related, Military WW2 WW1, Postcards, Coins and so much more… seriously…

These auctions will be conducted online at

Item Preview and Auctions:

All Items in upcoming auction will be made available for pre-viewing the Saturday before the beginning of the auction at Emma Creeks Antiques, 100 N. Main Hesston Kansas, 67062. Not only that but you will have the ability to buy the item BEFORE the auction at the preview. Items will be priced at fair market value. If items do not sell they will be put into the auction the following Sunday evening and ran as an auction for 7 days to be concluded the following Sunday evening. All items will be picked up at Emma Creeks Antiques Thursday through Saturday Noon to 4pm.

The size of the auction will depend on the size of the collection. Some larger, some smaller. Not all pieces are shown.

1st auction: Roseville

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