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Our appraisal services. Do you know your treasures?

Over the years antiques and collectables have highs and lows. Some items that your mother told you were worth money are now worth very little. And other items that you would throw away are worth hundreds to thousands. Shows like American Pickers and Antiques Roadshow highlight these changes and items all the time. Some items and values change in an instant due to internet and television “influencers” or lots of other media involvement. Other items are tried and true and stand the test of time. It takes years of learning and understanding of all of these influences that create and drive the antique markets. And the more I learn the more I realize I will never know everything. BUT, I do know enough to feel confident in offering my appraisal services to any customer who wants to know what they have and what they can get for those items.

After several years of running my own auctions, estate sales and garage sales, in person and online I feel confident in offering my services to any and all who would like them. I already work with other charity organizations, auction and estate sale companies, nursing homes and private sellers in Harvey and Sedgwick county doing garage sales by walking through their upcoming sales and reprice items that are priced to low and some that are over priced. For clients this has been a very positive change in their monthly sales income. I have also always offered free appraisal services to anyone bringing items into Emma Creeks Antiques. I love it when I see something I’ve never seen before and have to learn about it myself. Sometimes I will break your heart with an honest assessment and sometimes I will blow your mind with true value of things you see no value in. (these are the best moments for me)

The photos below highlight items that others thought had little to no value. What I sold those items for is listed with the picture.

People tell me, “I don’t have anything worth that much” or “We don’t have enough to do an auction or estate sale…” But do you know???

If you would like to find out, for free, give me a call.

Troy Vogt 316-390-0927

This is just a very small sampling of items that bring good money when you know what to look for. Let me help you find your treasures and get the most for them.

2 thoughts on “Our appraisal services. Do you know your treasures?”

  1. I have afew antique tobacco pipes dtaing up to 100 yrs old that I have no idea what they are worth and would like help.


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